Whether you need to quickly make minor furniture repairs for items that were damaged in transit or restore the luster of a sentimental family heirloom, Homebridge offers expertise and quality workmanship you can trust.

Our on-site repair specialists are among the best in the business. Doug Witham and Alec Steffenhagen are trusted woodworking experts who has been repairing, restoring, and refinishing beloved furniture pieces for North Carolina families and designers for more than 50 years combined. After a long and successful career at Furniture Repair Specialists, Doug joined Homebridge to lead our furniture repair division.

Homebridge treats every furniture repair and refinishing project with tremendous care, paying close attention to the small details that distinguish an exceptional repair from a merely acceptable one. From minor repairs to complete restorations, your furniture is in trusted hands at Homebridge.

Furniture Repair

Homebridge offers a full range of furniture repair services, including fixing dents, scratches, and nicks; repairing damaged drawers; fixing broken chair arms or legs; and repairing warped or damaged wood.

In-home repair services are available upon request.

Furniture Repair Specialists
furniture restoration

Furniture Refinishing

Homebridge uses a detailed 23-step process to refinish your furniture. The process begins with carefully stripping the paint and finish, then sanding and repairing the furniture. Furniture is stained, sealed, and lacquered, with a gentle sanding occurring between each step. A final coat and buffing complete the process.

Furniture Stripping

Stripping paint and finish off furniture is the first step in the refinishing process. Homebridge uses an overflow system to gently strip the finishing, enabling us to get into every nook and cranny without needing to dip the furniture in a vat.

Alec Steffenhagen
Doug Witham

Stain, Paint, and Lacquer

Choose from a wide array of finishes and paint options to make your furniture look brand new. A professional spray booth provides a controlled environment free of dust and outside elements for painting, staining and lacquering furniture. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality finish.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Homebridge carefully and extensively restores antique furniture, including armoires, dressers, dining tables, bedroom furniture, grand pianos, desks, and more. Our experts meticulously restore these family heirlooms, remaking veneers, repairing trims, rebuilding drawers, replacing damaged or missing parts.

We also restore many unique items, such as antique toys and musical instruments, including harps, banjos, and guitars.

Furniture restoration
Furniture repair and refinishing

Custom Modifications

Let us give your classic furniture pieces new life by transforming them to fit your lifestyle.    Whether you want to resize an antique bed for a modern mattress or convert your grandparent’s old radio cabinet into a wine rack, Homebridge can restore the beauty of your old items and give them new functionality.

Quality Craftsmanship, Professional Service

Your furniture is in trusted and capable hands at Homebridge. Led by Doug Witham, formerly with Furniture Repair Specialists, Homebridge has a talented team of professional craftsmen who will treat your furniture with the utmost care.

The key to exceptional repairs and restorations is the people — and Doug and Alec are among the very best craftsmen in North Carolina. They have several decades of experience and the most advanced tools and technology at their disposal.

Meet Doug

Doug Witham developed a passion for woodworking in high school, then spent the next 40 years honing his craft. He is a master craftsman who specializes in furniture refinishing, antique restoration, furniture repair, and custom modifications. Doug started his career in the northeast, working with several large furniture chains, before moving to North Carolina and opening Furniture Repair Specialists, one of the Triangle’s most trusted and respected furniture experts. For thirty years, Doug worked with interior designers, homeowners, and to restore, refinish and repair all types of furniture.

Doug Witham
Alec Steffenhagen

Meet Alec

Alec Steffenhagen has spent his entire life around furniture. He was naturally curious and spent more than a decade learning the craft of repair and refinishing at Furniture Repair Specialists. Alec has always been drawn to the creative aspect of furniture repair and refinishing and enjoys restoring unique antique pieces, including toys and musical instruments.

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