Once you and your clients have selected the perfect piece of furniture, let Homebridge handle the rest. Our team of furniture specialists will manage all of the final logistics to ensure that your items are received, inspected, stored and delivered in a professional and caring manner.

Homebridge works closely with a large number of interior designers and national furniture distributors to provide a full range of receiving services:


Homebridge operates a commercial dock in Raleigh, NC that receives shipments from across the country. We will work with carriers to verify and receive furniture orders in an efficient and hassle-free manner.


Receiving Hours: Monday – Friday (10:00am – 4:00pm)

Shipping and receiving Warehouse in Raleigh NC
Furniture receiving Inspection in Raleigh NC


Homebridge makes sure your orders are received in excellent condition. Our receiving team carefully inspects each item that is received at our facility. We will immediately alert you to any issues with your order and provide repair estimates for your consideration.


A large climate-controlled warehouse can accommodate short- and long-term storage needs. Homebridge has the capacity to store and hold individual pieces or large orders until your client is ready for delivery.

Furniture warehouse Raleigh NC
Furniture white glove delivery at Homebridge in Raleigh NC

White Glove Delivery

When it’s time to deliver your order, our courteous and professional delivery staff always impress. We treat your furniture — and your clients — with the highest level of respect and care.

Local Pickup and Delivery

When you purchase an item locally for your clients, let Homebridge handle pickup and delivery. Our professional delivery team will pick items up from local retailers and provide white glove delivery directly to your client. Storage is available if necessary.

Furniture receiving and delivery in Raleigh NC

Contact us today for rates and additional details about our receiving, warehousing and white glove delivery services.

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